Our second collaboration with the mighty Alesong Brewing from the USA which we have named after our neighbouring village Batcombe (and no not related to the current global pandemic).


The base beer is a delicate, but refreshingly tart citric forward sour, reminiscent of an orange wine or sparkling cider. To finish it off we have complimented the brew with a punchy dry hop with bold Citra hops.


This Dry hopped sour has a spectacular mature wild ale at its heart. Amongst a plethora of dry-hopped sours on the market, this collab really stands out with its complexities and depth that make this a properly authentic Wild Beer sour.


Its Dry-hop really makes Bat’s Valley shine by electrifying the beer and brings a whole new layer to the fore!

Bat's Valley - Wild Beer Co. - Barrel Aged Dry Hopped Sour - 5.7%