Producer Says: Andechser Bergbock Hell is the hot tip among the Andechs monastery beers for connoisseurs and epicures. With its firm, fine pored head, luminous gold and clear gleaming look, it cannot fail to awaken expectations of pure pleasure .Strong malty nuances and floral hoppiness are imbued with accents of slight fruitiness. Despite its strength, Bergbock is pleasantly mouthcoating, with a powerful, but unobtrusive body. A highly discrete, finely bitter hoppiness transforms into a slight honey sweetness to conclude on a soft, harmonious aftertaste. A harmonious light bock of character that cannot be put down after the first drink (16.5% original extract and 6.9% alcohol by volume).

'Bergbock Hell' - Klosterbrauerei Andechs - Strong Lager - 6.9%