Spring 2019 Collection


Strong vinous fruit and bergamot notes lead into a crisp, dry finish with a hint of oak.

In 2018, we launched Expedition as part of the Spring 2018 Collection - a barrel-aged IPA inspired by the original India Pale Ales, but flavoured with new world hops to create a hybrid old world/new world beer. Two years later, we've revisited the concept for Expedition II. This new version represents the overlapping worlds of modern and traditional IPAs, but adds a further dimension, exploring the way in which beer and wine can play together in harmony.

Brewed with all Nelson Sauvin hops for a vinous flavour profile, Expedition II was aged in first-fill chardonnay barrels for 12 months, taking on the rich, oaky character of the wood in addition to punchy flavours from the wine. The IPA was blended with a small amount of lactobacillus-soured wheat before packaging to elevate the rounded wine and wood notes.

Expedition II - Fyne Origins - Wine Barrel Aged IPA - 6.9%