Please Note: These are whole beans, not ground coffee!


Dried Peach/Hazelnut/Honey


La Leona from San Marcos, Guatemala is one of a kind. Clean, soft and easy-drinking, dried peach and hazelnut shines through a golden honey sweetness.


Opening the stage to our Guatemala offering this year, is La Leona, a stunning washed lot from the department of San Marcos. Gracious yet deliciously sweet with dried peach and hazelnut drawing into a honey sweetness, La Leona is quite sublime. Close to the Tajumulco Volcano, the highest peak in Guatemala, San Marcos is famous for its breathtaking beauty and magnificent views. Sprawling out from under the volcano, small-scale farms benefit from nutrient-rich and fertile soils in which coffee thrives. The work of 20 producers La Leona is noticeably clean and balanced. As a symbol of piety, statues and insignia of the Lion of St Mark are dotted throughout San Marcos. As the typical flavour profile of coffee from this region tends to be more delicate, highlighted by a distinct honey sweetness, it only seemed appropriate to name it after the lioness, La Leona.


Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon

Country: Guatemala

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1200-1800 MASL

La Leona - Guatemala - Square Mile Coffee Roasters (Whole Beans)