Minne is made with small growth Japanese flowering quince from the food forest. The quince is the symbol for love and friendship, to love someone or something, to open your heart. Picking the quince takes dedication, as they cling tightly to dense branches with long thorns. You have no choice but to approach them gently and respectfully, almost as you would touch a loved one. Minne came into existence when Wouter of food forest Ketelbroek generously gave us the entire harvest of a bad quince year, two linen bags full, just enough for a nice beer. Fortunately, the next year saw more quince, and with it more Minne.


Minne is a rich and spicy wild blond beer with a light maltiness and nice pepper notes. The Japanese flowering quince imbues citrus and apple notes, while the aftertaste offers a fruity bitterness from the fresh hops of our local hop grower, which also permeates the aroma of the beer.

Minne (2019) - Nevel - Wild Blonde w/ Japanese Quince - 5.2%