Please Note: These are whole beans, not ground coffee!


Cherry / Rosehip / Muscovado


Clean yet wildly tasty as cherry and rosehip notes trickle into muscovado, this jammy Muungano Natural lot is a great example of the exceptional speciality coffee emerging from the DRC. 


Always a treat, the grand finale to our Muungano selection this year is a natural lot. A medley of red and crimson hues swirl into deep golden brown notes as muscovado sugar comes to the surface. Juicy and complex, clean for a natural, this Muungano lot is wild! Meaning "togetherness" in Swahili, Muungano was started by 350 smallholders in 2009 and has since grown to a membership of 4200. A country still riddled with social and political turmoil, Muungano Cooperative has a strong focus on sustainable agriculture and organic practices, coffee-quality and business training while empowering women farmers to help them achieve financial security. The perfect end to our seasonal Muungano offering, we find this a great example of a natural process coffee from the DRC. Fruit-forward yet clean, notice those rustic notes underpinned by the sweetness of brown sugar. Apart from being wildly tasty, this Muungano lot will give you something to talk about.


Varieties: Bourbon

Country: DR Congo

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1500-2000 MASL

Muungano Natural - DRC - Square Mile Coffee Roasters (Whole Beans)