Introducing 'The Dinner Party Box' - a range of delicious beverages to make sure that any (socially distanced) soirée that you host will be suitably lubricated. Select from our expertly curated tiers to make sure there's enough to go around & if you fancy, put a rough outline of your menu into the 'Pairing' text box and we'll choose specific liquids to compliment your culinary creations:


2 Person: 2 x 330-500ml beers, 1 x bottle of wine, 1 x 750ml sharing beer

4 Person: 4 x 330-500ml beers, 2 x bottle of wine, 1 x 750ml sharing beer, 2 x 200ml mixed drink, 1 x bag of coffee beans

6 Person: 6 x 330-500ml beers, 3 x bottle of wine, 1 x bottle of Prosecco, 1 x 750ml sharing beer, 3 x 200ml mixed drink, 1 x bag of coffee beans


Please note: the boxes are selected from what we currently have in stock, therefore the products you will receive will be different from those in the image. Additionally, the value of the products in the box will be of equal or greater value than the amount paid.

The Dinner Party Box