Please Note: These are whole beans, not ground coffee!




Built on the same concept as our Red Brick Espresso Blend, The Filter Blend is seasonal, versatile and classic Square Mile. Clean, balanced and medium-bodied; a kind, welcoming coffee to wake-up to The Filter Blend offers the perfect all-day every-day brew and embodies all we love about speciality coffee. An absolute delight, you’ll want to keep a bag in the cupboard to always have delicious coffee in the house. 


Our very first iteration of the Filter Blend is a double Colombian made up of El Meridiano from Tolima and Caicedo from southwest of Antioquia.


Caicedo's bright, fruity acidity against the soft base of El Meridiano's classic profile makes for the perfect go-to brew. Effortlessly enjoyable, this blend is forecast to last until mid-July.


Varieties: 50% El Meridiano, 50% Caicedo

Country: Colombia

Process: Washed


The Filter Blend - Square Mile Coffee Roasters (Whole Beans)