Producer Says: Even before enjoying fresh Veltins Pilsener, the quality-conscious consumer will notice the bright, shiny golden lustre of the premium product. The aroma promises a refreshing and tasteful experience, reminiscent of fresh hay, while at the same time, it is possible to discern a slight hint of herbs. A light citrus flavour and a slightly nutty note make you want to test the taste. In the first couple of sips, you pick up on the tangy character and the soft, elegant body of the light-coloured beer. The bitterness is perceived as very pleasant and it harmonises perfectly with the tangy refreshment. The beer is harmonious in its aftertaste and is characterised by a slight dryness.

'Veltins Pilsener' - Brauerei C & A Veltins - Pilsner Lager - 4.8%