Do you ever walk in the forest at night? When it is so dark that you only see the path under your feet and the trees next to you, every step feels like you are pushing aside a velvet curtain. Night is not just an absence of light; it is a matter that descends into which we wallow, which reassures us. There is only here and now, the rest does not matter anymore. Slowly the forest opens up and you stand at the edge of a nightly lake, the glow of the moon on the surface of the water.


Ven is one of our most intense beers. Dark, deep and sour, but with the calm Nevel balance. The bourbon barrels add extra spice to the beer, but the soft undertone of vanilla rounds off the sharp edges. Ven is brewed with roasted malt, which gives notes of cocoa, toffee and liquorice. It also contains rye, which provides a firm base and silky structure. The long wood maturation of 19 months gives a nice fruitiness to the beer in which especially notes of ripe blackberry emerge.

Ven - Nevel - Barrel Aged Wild Black Beer - 5.4%